In this section, Cechimex offers the following statistical information free of charge:


  • Mexico, China and United States: total and by global value chains (yarn-textile-clothing, automotive-auto parts and electronics).
  • Latin America and the Caribbean(LAC)   including the subregions: Latin American Integration Association (LAIA), Andean Community (CAN for its Spanish initials), Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Central American Common Market (CACM), Southern Common Market(MERCOSUR for its Spanish initials), North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA).

2. Chinese capital flows to Latin America

3. Transportation costs of imports from the United States (1990-2018)


For further analysis:

  • Dussel Peters (coord.), 2016. “The new commercial relationship between Latin America and the Caribbean with China. Regional integration or disintegration?(La nueva relación comercial de América Latina y el Caribe con China. ¿Integración o desintegración regional?”, UDUAL, CECHIMEX-UNAM, México.)
  • Morales Troncoso, Carlos (2008). “China-Mexico Trade Triangulation” (Triangulación del comercio China-México”. En Estrategias para la competitividad. Emprendedores. UNAM.Septiembre, pp. 41-45.)
  • Dussel Peters, Enrique (2005). The case of statistics on trade between China and Mexico: to start coping with the bilateral unawareness” (El caso de las estadísticas comerciales entre China y México: para empezar a sobrellevar el desconocimiento bilateral”. Economía Informa 335, pp. 50-59.)


The statistical information here presented is the effort of several years of work in the Cechimex. Please acknowledge this source by citing the original source of the corresponding tables as follows: