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The Republic of China-China onwards, has been historically and with great intensity today, a global player in the larger socioeconomic and geostrategic. Their increased participation in markets for goods and services has created significant global changes, including in Latin America and of course in Mexico.

For China itself is of utmost importance conceptual economic, social and political. The process of reforms since the late seventies has deeply questioned the theory of economic growth and development. In addition, policies of State, the abolition of poverty, territorial and between urban and rural education at various levels, as well as science and technology to social and economic sectors specific, are of great relevance today.

Similarly, without a doubt, the socioeconomic and Chinese territory since the twentieth century has created many contradictions and difficulties, for example in the ecological, financial, energy consumption and raw materials, land inequality and households, among others. China's presence in Asia is strong, while in the field global governance, diplomatic, military and United Nations.

China has become more important in Latin America and particularly in Mexico. Since 2003 China has become the second largest trading partner of Mexico in 2004 the ratio of imports and exports from the Asian country was 31:1 and has become the economy with which Mexico has a larger trade deficit. According to several international analyzes China's economy will continue this socio-economic dynamism, at least in the short and medium term, as with some mixed signals.

Based on the foregoing, the Centro de Estudios China-México (CECHIMEX) aims to improve and deepen understanding of socioeconomics China, emphasizing bilateral relations long-term relationship between both countries. Currently in Mexico there is a large institution that targets specifically to the study of issues related to China with the bilateral approach. the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México is a privileged institution about the high scientific level of the community and the diversity of sciences and fields of knowledge within it. Thus, and although the CECHIMEX emphasizes economic, with the full opening and greater interest from the beginning to incorporate other issues discussed areas and in other faculties, such as agriculture, philosophy, history, architecture, engineering, languages, international relations, political science, among many others. Legally, the CECHIMEX function as a Joint Services Unit and governed by its laws defined at UNAM.

CECHIMEX presents its annual reports , which detail the academic and research activities carried out throughout the reported year.

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